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Congratulations 2011 is here!!!!!Read below for more info why this year matters

What a year 2010 was huh?All the worldwide disasters,Politics,Celebrity’s, technology,Movies,music,gaming and more.It was hard to tell whether 2010 was a amazing year we  have ever had or one of the worst in history.I could point out the cons and pros of 2010 to better summarize what we have been through but this post isnt about 2010 its purpose … Continue reading

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the world of jenks

    Hey guys usually when you think of the word” mtv” you thinks of music because everything on mtv back in the day was nothing but music and now things have changed a little.Who knows if it was for the best or the worst.Anyway im here to talk about its new show called ”world … Continue reading

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Will it Blend? – The top Viral video of all time (via Bubblecube’s Blog)

Ive always wondered if a Ipad would blend and would it even fit in a blender?This guy in the video teaches us important ways to destroy things that don’t really matter to us and are distractions  from the real world.AH who am i kidding LoL we all have destroyed something just for fun right?I think … Continue reading

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