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Tweinds a new way to promote your content!

I guess you could of already guessed what twiends was from reading the title up above.To hear more information about it  that’s what im here for right?I heard of  the website from a fellow chatter telling i should try it.At first i was skeptical of whether or not this website or service would work at … Continue reading

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Everything weird goes right on my blog!

I started this blog half a year ago and yes it was fresh,new and creative but it never rarely got any traffic or attention.Now for the past 2 months ive started receiving lots of traffic lately but why was i getting it now and not before.I guess posting daily or weekly helps keep you and … Continue reading

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Congratulations 2011 is here!!!!!Read below for more info why this year matters

What a year 2010 was huh?All the worldwide disasters,Politics,Celebrity’s, technology,Movies,music,gaming and more.It was hard to tell whether 2010 was a amazing year we  have ever had or one of the worst in history.I could point out the cons and pros of 2010 to better summarize what we have been through but this post isnt about 2010 its purpose … Continue reading

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