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Day light savings start 3/13/11

I don’t know about u but I’ve been getting tired of the dark showing itself before its time for bed.I hope this change in time will improve our daily lifestyle for the good.It will also tell us it is time for spring and winter is gone till next year.Leave ur comments below . Advertisements

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Duster theme is my new blog theme!

I have changed themes quit often in the past but now im sticking to this theme for a long time.The reason why i changed the theme is simple to give readers a better experience and to please the eye.Don’t we all like reading something that pleases or interests  us?The title of the theme does’nt reflect … Continue reading

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Tweinds a new way to promote your content!

I guess you could of already guessed what twiends was from reading the title up above.To hear more information about it  that’s what im here for right?I heard of  the website from a fellow chatter telling i should try it.At first i was skeptical of whether or not this website or service would work at … Continue reading

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