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behold the ipad?!!!!!!!!!!! in 2018??

what do i think of the ipad?… well since you guys must have read or heard about the ipad and what kind of powers it holds you guys are always looking for an extra opinion to decide if this is a good product worthy of anyone’s hard earned cash.Well thats where i come in and tell you all the facts about it and give u a more visual and mental feeling of what i think of it.We are in the year 2018,tablets are obsolete and computers and heck smartphones have take over the world!!

i beleive it is the end for this tech trend.early 2000s everyone and their grandma was out buying these things,fast forward to 2018 and tablets have taken a backseat.No more are those days valued as they once were now compared to mcdonalds dollar menu.It is sad that tablet fad has died out but i know for certain techknowledgy will continue to flourish through its everlasting growth. 🙂


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