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Apple Come’s Back With a Sucker-Punch!!!!!!!!!!!

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Apple has Brought out new generations of past devices , Here’s a quick list of them all:

  • Ipod shuffle
  • Ipod nano
  • Ipod touch

This is going to be a quick Review about all of the devices listed above.I will point out their cons and pros.I will  also determine whether the new generation improves the overall features of the product and how it compares with past generations and is it worth your time or money?I plan to answer all these questions and more so stick with me throughout this entire review.

First stop is the long awaited 4th generation ipod touch that has been rumored since early 2010.Apple has not only added some new features to the device but also has changed up the design a little bit.The big difference you will notice on the new Ipod touch is the location of buttons and razor thin side.Ohh yeah did i mention this bad boy comes with 2 camera’s front and back(which is used for face-time)?Well sorry i didn’t mention that earlier because that was one of the biggest feature on the new ipod touch!!!Basically this Ipod touch has a retina display,camera’s,Built in mic,three-axis-gyro(which is new to the ipod touch ).What this all means to you and me is  that this a good buy for anyone who want to get a big bang for their buck!!!!I highly would recommend this to any person who doesn’t want to get a iphone 4 because they don’t want to be tied down to getting a contract or a person who admires the Iphone 3 design/Iphone 4 features.


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