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Everything weird goes right on my blog!

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I started this blog half a year ago and yes it was fresh,new and creative but it never rarely got any traffic or attention.Now for the past 2 months ive started receiving lots of traffic lately but why was i getting it now and not before.I guess posting daily or weekly helps keep you and your readers Interested in your blog.Adding tags and links to my posts really helped my blog get founded on the web.Using my social networks to promote my blog posts added more traffic to the blog by referrals.I didn’t really enjoy having a blog untill I decided even if no one cared about it i still would of and i guess having this mind set will eventually take your blog to unreachable heights you thought wasn’t possible.You shouldn’t just blog because it will give you fame,money or  a job because blogging is much more than words on a screen,they are used to explain or express things on the web.

There are no tricks or a easy way to get your blog where it needs to be but to just keep on trying to.I hope you found my blogging experience story to be helpful if you are a blogger like myself to benefit your self confidence.Blogging is an amazing experience if you make it and others will realize your amazing blogging skills if you do.If you want to be a consistent blogger like myself  then try this Challenge for 2011: Want to blog more often?


About itrixboy

a blogger who likes to blog about stuff i saw or simply things i want to and i know your saying im like every blogger out there but im not im something fresh,creative and new!


19 thoughts on “Everything weird goes right on my blog!

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