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The New Twitter

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Ahhh twitter how i love this website so much for social communication with my online peers,celebs or random ppl.That’s what twitter is mostly about folks the joy of interacting with each other over this amazing network.Alright enough of this talk im starting to sound like a fan boy here  huh?Well im sorry its just that i mostly use twitter for my social interactions here on the web because i think its the best way to reach people whether your friends,celebs or heck if you just want to talk to someone new.The site is pretty simple unlike facebook and myspace( the big brothers of social network‘s).

Anyway you could already tell just from the title above what this blog post is going to be about so that’s exactly what im going to talk about from this point on.The new twitter interface really focuses on the content itself and tries to make the content easier to see and use.The site is also easier to navigate with its new user friendly toolbar at the top of the site which contains the search bar,home,profile and messages buttons.Theres this cool feature that is a box with a o pen sticking out of the box that is used to make quick status updates wherever you are in the site which i think is pretty awesome :D!!!!!!If u need me to give you more details and what i really think of it well you can check out my own youtube video below and if you have an account youtube subscribe.


About itrixboy

a blogger who likes to blog about stuff i saw or simply things i want to and i know your saying im like every blogger out there but im not im something fresh,creative and new!


4 thoughts on “The New Twitter

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