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Hey guys usually when you think of the word” mtv” you thinks of music because everything https://i1.wp.com/www.mtv.com/onair/world_of_jenks/photos/cast/personality-promos/281x211.jpgon mtv back in the day was nothing but music and now things have changed a little.Who knows if it was for the best or the worst.Anyway im here to talk about its new show called ”world of jenks”.Basically this guy(Andrew Jenks) and his camera crew tries to live with different kind of people in the world and see their struggles,lifestyle and what it takes to live their life.I know your already saying to yourself why would anybody want to do something like that.Well Life is basically full of experiences and Andrew just got curious on how others lives their life.I was kinda skeptical at first when i first started watching  the show because it was unlike anything i have ever watched on t.v but if you watched one episode you would know why  “Andrew Jenks” does this,its not for entertainment but to understand how they live their life and learn how it feels to be them for a day.This sounds like an easy task at first but you really can’t predict how anyone’s life seems to be before you really get to know them.With that being said this show teaches you that you cant judge someone just from the outside you have to really get to know them before you judge them.Andrew Jenks also tries to help people who are in need of help in life throughout this TV show “world of jenks’.My final opinion on this is that i highly recommend you give this a chance and maybe you might admire what this show has to give.This show is brand new to mtv so expect this to get better through out the season to come.New episodes every monday at 9 or 8 pm on mtv.Check your local listing.


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