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Where Did I Go?

im back, sort of.

Image by deepinswim via Flickr

Where did i go? ..Hey long time no see huh.That’s what i usually say when ive been gone for so long and i have no other words to think of saying when im back .Ive mostly haven’t been blogging as much lately because summer is now over and its back to hitting the books.First i would like to say its good to be back blogging about anything i really want to talk about whether it be technology,the government(not really LOL:D),my life,movies,t.v,trends and all the drama that happens in this world;even though my blog doesn’t get much traffic i really enjoy just being able to blog about my thoughts, opinions and who knows  probably all my hard blogging will finally pay off!!!!.. so i hope you sit back,scroll and read because this will be a journey on how life is seen through my eyes and mind through  post’s.


About itrixboy

a blogger who likes to blog about stuff i saw or simply things i want to and i know your saying im like every blogger out there but im not im something fresh,creative and new!


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