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Marvel Comic’s app

A new way to read Marvel comic’s on a mobile device is finally here and brought to you by the Apple company.Well first off i think when i speak for myself i think i speak for everyone when i say this is what  every apple fan has been waiting for.This is great for people on the road or people that travel now they can always have their favorite comics with them wherever they go.This app is available for the Ipod touch,Iphone,and the Ipad.Alright i will tell you guys the details of this app from the pro and cons on whether this is the app for you.


Its free!!!!!!!!!!but only the application is free but i guess you could of figured that out but there are a few freebie comics they let u get within the app so i guess its not all bad if your just previewing the app before you make your decision to actually buy the comics withing the app.

Its easy to read and the graphics looks amazing.It also uses the ability to see the page’s of the comic’s in  landscape or portrait mode.

In my opinion the app looks better if you had the Ipad.But it looks decent on the iphone and ipodtouch.

Each comic is cheap so everyone could afford to get some.


You cant read comics you subscribed to on marvel.com

No new comics are uploaded to the app


In conclusion it is a nice app to have but someone who doesn’t like to have a app that was  free but the content                                                                                                                           requesting you to buy the comic’s this probably isn’t for you.But if you are willing to pay for your content and is                                                                                                                        a marvel fan then you will love this!!!!!!This app looks amazing especially on the Ipad but decent looking on the      Iphone/Itouch (only talking about the module of the app not the graphics of the comics.I rate this a 4 out 5 stars.


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