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So Where is Lebron Going ? (via blog maverick)

well in my opinion i think he should have gone to the clippers they got a new coach and there a decent team and you never know probably he has a beef with kobe.what do u think?Do u think its disrespectful to go to any other team that’s not your home?

I have no idea.  To his credit, this has been the best kept secret since the formula for Coca Cola.  Talking to owners, GM, players, friends of Lebrons’ , no one knows. So let me you give you my guess. This afternoon I heard that a PR firm was telling some media outlets that Lebron was going to the Heat , but they could only be an off the record source.  When I put my PR and Media hat on, that approach made no sense at all. Why would a PR firm te … Read More

via blog maverick


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