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The New lady Gaga!!!!!!?????

Behold we have a new lady GaGa among us!!!!or should i say Grandpa AwAw LOL.Anyways i came across this funny video and i was like hey i should post this to my blog so i did just that.If u can’t tell from the video that is a 60 year old man(estimating here) at a club doing some lady gaga dance while doing it to one of her song’s.

To me this old fart has talent compared to the other 2 youngsters trying to join in on his performance.It seems to me that no matter how old you are you can still dance and have fun.I have to Admit he has some moves that i don’t even think lady gaga can do, LOL.I think from here he should audition for “”America’s got talent”” the TV show,I’m pretty sure he enough talent to probably make it to the finals!!!!.

Whether this video was filmed on purpose or on accident i say “go grandpa dace your &ss off””.Leave a comment below,Rate this post and if you really like my writing subscribe by hovering over the rss button or by email.The power is in your hands.


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