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Latest Electric Car Will be a BMW, From the Battery Up

Hey its me again with a new post.What do u think of the electric car version of a BMW gas car?the car is made up of carbon fiber.Electric motors have inherently fast acceleration.”The car slows when the driver takes pressure off the accelerator, as a recuperation system kicks in and regenerates power from the momentum of the car”.”Electric cars are fun to drive,” said Mr. Kranz, the project director.”Do u like the look and probably the path BMW has tooken.Will you ever buy a electric car like this or do You think “nah i like the car im driving now even though they pollute the air”?Answer below and give me your opinion on this topic.Humans power is Reading!!!!!!!:0 Ill see you on my next blog post.


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One thought on “Latest Electric Car Will be a BMW, From the Battery Up

  1. what do u guys think?

    Posted by itrixblog | 07/07/2010, 1:16 am
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