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iphone 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay!!!!!!A new i-phone way to go apple!!!!!!! for reinventing the phone. I think not.Seriously im not trying to hate on apple but i hate when they exaggerate on how they reinvented their products in their ads or promo videos.Anyway let’s move on to the main attraction the i-phone 4.

Here are my thoughts on the 4th generation i-phone.First off it has a sweet new design.Second ,multi- tasking is now possible on the hand-held.It is a bit bigger than the i-phone 3g.It has not 1 but 2 camera’s.1 on the from and the other in the back.Why 2?Good question because a new feature has been added to the i-phone its called face-time!!!.In case you don’t know what face-time is.. it is video calling.Editing video’s is now possible on the i-phone and u can now record in HD,And more………..

With all these thumbs up features are there any bad in the new i-phone???Well u do drop calls sadly to say.But that’s o.k theirs always the next generation.There i have just gave you a quick review of the new i-phone 4.In my review i give this gadget a 4 out of 5 stars.What would u rate it?Was there anything missing for the iphone?Share your answers below so everyone can read your opinion because everyone counts,Its the site tag of this blog:”Humans power is reading”


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  1. I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this!

    Posted by Maryln Clas | 06/30/2010, 5:14 pm
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