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tell me what you want to hear!!

listen to meyou’ve read the title and your saying  what does that mean?:) all you have to do is give me your best comment on what my i should write about or

what you would like more info on like a review possibly and who ever gives me the best suggestion i will write a blog about that and if u have a blog on wordpress.com the i will either put your site link in the blog post or on my blogroll.Either way you get exposure ad you get to read about anything that interests you.

No porn suggestions are allowed so don’t bother ad no hateful comments about users you dislike on the internet or your personal life!!How will i know i won?well i will reply to ur comment  on my blog and you will be notified on your dashboard.Let the commenting begin!:)


About itrixboy

a blogger who likes to blog about stuff i saw or simply things i want to and i know your saying im like every blogger out there but im not im something fresh,creative and new!


One thought on “tell me what you want to hear!!

  1. I think you do a good job at what you do. Talk about your interest, keep the videos and continnue working your advertisement…Other then that, Chickens~

    Posted by Brett | 02/13/2010, 6:52 am
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