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saints win super bowl 2010!!!

whoa!!… don’t let the title get your attention of thinking  i was on the saints side on super bowl .I am a colts fan and at the beginning of the game the colts was in the lead with 10 and the saints had 0.It was down to the 4th or 3rd quarter when the saints was starting to catch up and believe it or not the colts looked like there was no way the colts could have catch up to their score.

Right there and then i knew they would lose the super bowl and they did.By a surprising win the saints redeem their names and their city(which is New Orleans).What?yeah i know the day after the super bowl i was at school and our English teacher was talking about how New Orleans condition is in and by this time i know you guys are like their fine,everything has been rebuilt by now but strangely it hasn’t well only the center of  the what everyone thinks is New Orléans.Everything that isnt in the center has not fully been rebuilt and still there are people who live in trailers and poverty.Lots of crime was committed because of the conditions they live in.You know what sucks more is that earlier before the super bowl the saints owner was considering moving their team to another city which means they would no longer represent the city New Orleans instead a different city but for some reason they decided not to when they won the super bowl.

And for once im glad 🙂 the team won because they were fighting for the right reasons not only for their team but also for a city which has been through a lot as much as they have over the years and did i mention this was their first time going to the super bowl and won now thats what i call history!!!!!!! To celebrate the super bowl i showed a video of all commercials  for the  super bowl above and below i will show you how the super bowl ended check out the video below and leave comments!!:)oh yeah subscribe if like my blogging.


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