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myspace……. is getting old

Myspace.Remember myspace?the website that is used all over the globe and is used by everybody including parents,kids,teenagers and probable and probably your granny uses it also.Haha.Well that was funny for me.Anyways back to the subject Myspace is used for things such as messaging someone,updating ur states,adding friends and more.But I ask is yeah sure you could do all that stuff over and over again and you wouldn’t get bored of it but i don’t see the site owner trying to improve the website, heck i even had a myspace and i sent him a message saying hey how come your never online?Well he told me” i don’t have time”.Well shouldn’t Myspace care about improving some features on its site and trying to think of a more better security defense for chat rooms?I mean hasn’t the Owner seen crimes that happen from Myspace then turns into murders in the real world?

But im not just talking about the way this site work but also Its stats below.From the looks of it face book is reaching up to myspace and i bet in a few years twitter will be 2.Tell me what u think about this topic below.(click image for larger view)myspace,twitter,facebook stats


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2 thoughts on “myspace……. is getting old

  1. When did you find out Myspace was getting old? I have been saying that for around 2 years now, and so have teens.

    Posted by Trination | 02/10/2010, 11:03 pm
    • i been knew it was getting old but on here i actually gave some facts and statistics about it and plus its looks awesome to read in a post

      Posted by itrixblog | 02/11/2010, 2:22 am
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