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new theme(drum roll)…wtf yeah its albeo


albeo theme

Hey I’m back at it again doing what i love to do for fun.As you can imagine my first week on word press was awesome not only did i get lots of blog hits in a week but i actually got 1 active subscriber….hey why the sad 😦  face?You better not be laughing at me while you read this!!!I know where u live!!!Just kidding.I know there’s still readers or visitors wondering what kind of blog is this?What do you do?

Well i just mostly blog about anything i see or read about in my life like something i hear about on the news or some rumors,most of the time i put up videos for you visitors to watch so this blog doesn’t become boring often.Also i like to write about some amazing things i heard about and most of the time their would be a link for you guys/girls to check out like a website or a article ( 🙂 Aren’t you so lucky, not most Bloggers do that).

Alright ill stop blabbing about my experience on  word press and what i do on here.Time to move on to talk about  this new template,Well i decided to change up the look of what most of my blog post would appear on so i changed the template, you like it?Don’t lie,lets be honest post in the comment section below.This template is a mix of colors not to much i didn’t want it to look like a bunch of skittles 😀 lol.Gosh wheres your sense of humor huh?I’m just kidding again.If you enjoyed this blog post then please subscribe to me by email (any email will work but u have to confirm you did once you filled out the form).Don’t like email subscribing then use rss.You have been awesome if you read this ill see you on my next blog post.


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a blogger who likes to blog about stuff i saw or simply things i want to and i know your saying im like every blogger out there but im not im something fresh,creative and new!


2 thoughts on “new theme(drum roll)…wtf yeah its albeo

  1. chatty i like that wish i could write that much im just learning this stuf thought i would say howdy..cowboy

    Posted by cowboykirk | 01/16/2010, 4:07 am
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